Causes Of Eczema and How To Fix It


In today’s article, we’re going to discuss the causes of eczema.

Our question comes from Cory, and she says “Can you tell me the causes of eczema. It’s only showing on inside of my elbows and back of thighs”. Eczema is a terrible condition. It’s itchy, it’s uncomfortable, it’s unsightly, and it’s even embarrassing. So we have to look at the cause of eczema because you can’t just slather lotions, and potions, and creams on it, and take steroids, which get absorbed and are harmful. You need to see what’s happening inside the body and how to fix what’s going on on the outside. Most of the outside conditions of the skin are caused by something going on inside, and slathering stuff all over – it doesn’t help.

So there are some causes. One is gut problems. In fact, they’re all hit to the gut. It’s a leaky gut, which means proteins from food and bacteria cause damage to the stomach (mainly gluten). And that leads to the breakdown of the barrier between you and your immune system and what’s in the gut, which is foods, and proteins, and bad bugs, and all that leaks in. And your immune system is right there; it starts to create inflammation. The biggest drivers are food sensitivities: gluten and dairy.

And also imbalances in the gut, one of them is yeast. This is a significant common factor that drives a problem with eczema. A diet that’s not okay in omega-3 fats, a diet that contains gluten, if you eat sensitive food that creates imbalances in the gut flora, and all those things (even heavy metals and other toxins) can disrupt the immune system leading to eczema.

So really the first place I start is the gut. You get rid of the bad foods, fix the gut, get rid of the bad bugs in there. And the best way to do that does an elimination diet. It’s the first thing to try. And people can get better within days. They take out the bad stuff, you put in the right things, and the 10-day detox diet is probably the best way for you to get an immediate sense of, is this just related to what you’re eating in your gut floor or is it something else.

Now, I had a patient once, who had eczema all over her body. She was on tons of medications, and antihistamines, and steroids, and it was pretty much a mess. It turned out she had terrible used to overgrowth. We gave her any fungal, and she did much better. And we found out she had mercury, which can cause yeast overgrowth. So it was perpetuating. And we got rid of the mercury, we got rid of her fungus, and helped her gut heal. That was incredible. I saw her for many years, and after the first treatment, she just resolved and never had anything again. And she lost like 25 pounds in the process. So, it’s very powerful to use functional medicine.

Many people have skin issues. And whether it’s acne, or eczema, or psoriasis – all these can be addressed. And I think that no matter, who you are, – doing this approach can have a significant impact. So, I encourage you to focus on getting your health straight and concentrate on getting your gut straight, and you can overcome eczema pretty easy. It’s one of the easiest things to fix.